David J Costello
Wirral Bard

The following table details all David's poetry,
published and pending, to date.

Reach Poetry 140Indigo Dreams PublishingThe CataraqueISSN 1461-1112May 2010
Crab Lines Off The PierIndigo Dreams PublishingTurunÁISBN 978-1-907401-21-3June 2010
Visible BreathIndigo Dreams PublishingRoyden ParkISBN 978-1-907401-31-2November 2010
Forward Poetry Regionals 2010 - The North of EnglandForward PoetryAraucaria AraucanaISBN 978-184418-557-3December 2010
Reach Poetry 149Indigo Dreams PublishingR. S. ThomasISSN 1461-1112February 2011
The Five By Five Collection 2010Q. Q. Press1. St. Chads Church, Farndon
2. The Seventh Age
ISBN 1-903203-91XApril 2011
Welsh Poetry Competition - The First Five YearsPonty PressHorseshoe BatISBN 978-1-4477-3232-7July 2011
Welsh Poetry Competition - Web SiteWelsh PoetryHorseshoe BatFollow this link
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July 2011
The Poetry LibraryThe Poetry Library (on-line)The CataraqueFollow This link
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November 2011
Envoi 160Cinnamon Press1. Geese
2. Last Dance
ISSN: 0013-9394Dec 2011
A Complicated Way of being ignored (Grist Anthology 2011)Grist Books (University of Huddersfield)CenturionISBN 987-0-9563099-2-17th March 2012
Poetry 24 (Daily e-zine)Poetry 24Birth DayFollow This Link
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7th March 2012
Poetry 24 (Daily e-zine)Poetry 24ClockworkFollow This Link
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21st June 2012
"Spaces" Chester Poets 2012 AnthologyCestrian Publishing1. Endless Horizon
2. Experiment
3. First Fag
4. Hourglasses
5. Starling
6. The Shape of Water
7. Whale Matrix
ISBN 978-0-904448-40-1Launch at The Cross Keys, Chester
25th October 2012
The Passionate Transitory (E-zine)The Passionate Transitory1. Miracle
2. Childhood's End
3. Moonlight on the Bosphorus
Follow This Link
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1st October 2012
Fifty Funny Poems For ChildrenThynks Publishing LtdThe Cow And The ButtercupISBN 978-1-90042052615th Oct 2012
The Penny Dreadful - Issue 1The Penny Dreadful (Ireland)
After the Battle (Llandielo Fawr 1282)ISSN 2009-557014th
 December 2012
The Passionate Transitory (E-zine)The Passionate Transitory1. Sea of Souls
2. Mandrake
3. Polio Ward
Follow This Link
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 January 2013
Magma 55MagmaWelsh DresserISSN 1352-926915th February 2013
SculptedNorth West PoetsThor's RockISBN 978-0-9575393-0-327th April 2013
The Passionate Transitory (E-zine)The Passionate Transitory1. On Thurstaston Hill
2. Clockwork
3. Roots
Follow this link
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April 2013
Cats AnthologyCestrian PublishingFaithlessISNB 978-0-904448-41-21st September 2013
Serendipity Poetry Competition AnthologyThynks Publishing LtdCircumferenceISBN 978-1-900410-61-81st October 2013
Human EngineeringThynks Publishing Ltd1st Poetry PamphletISBN 978-1-900410-68-7Due 26th October 2013
Human Rights AnthologyUniversity of LondonLord's Resistance ArmyISBN 978-0-9575210-3-228th October 2013
LastbenchAntivirusChernobylISSN: 2045-32991st February 2014
Prole Issue 13ProlebooksDropped StitchISSN 2043-79511st April 2014
Ariadne's Thread Ariadne's Thread Literary Magazine1. Hydra
2. Prometheus
Issue No 10
8th April 2014
Ink Sweat & TearsInk Sweat & Tears On-line Literary MagazineGhosthttp://www.inksweatandtears.co.uk/7th June 2014
The Provo Canyon ReviewThe Provo Canyon Review Literary Journal (USA)1. Candlelight
2. Solitude
(On-line & in print)
Due July 2014
Nutshells and NuggetsNutshells and Nuggets on-line poetry journal1. 1st September 1939
2. Dawn Chorus
http://nutshellsandnuggets.tumblr.com/13th August 2014
"Life Begins" Chester Poets Anthology 2014Cestrian Press1. After the Battle
2. Centurion
3. Cwm Penmachno
4. Grief
5. Hand and Heart
6. Horseshoe Bat
7. Solitude
8. Tree of Knowledge
9. Welsh Dresser
ISBN 978-0-904448-44-316th October 2014
The Lake
Poetry Webzine
1. Autobiography
2. Footprints

Follow this link
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1st November 2014
"The Colour of Saying" Dylan Thomas 100th Anniversary anthologyCross-Cultural Communications (USA)
The Seventh Quarry Press (Wales, UK)
Solitary MissusISBN 978-0-89304-928-7
(Library of Congress Control Number 2011920458)
6th December 2014
Bards of Blidworth Anthology 2014Thynks Publishing LtdThe Smiling SaintISBN 978-1-900410-86-1December 2014
ShooterShooter Literary Journal Launch IssueWar WordsISSN 2057-31621st February 2015
The Penny Dreadful - Issue 5The Penny Dreadful (Ireland)Fishing at Trawsfynydd in the 1960'sISSN TBCApril 2015
Three Drops From a CauldronThree Drops From a CauldronCanrig Bwthttps://threedropspoetry.wordpress.com/
(Scroll down the page to view poem)
10th April 2015
Three Drops From a CauldronThree Drops From a CauldronHansel & Gretelhttp://threedropspoetry.co.uk/2015/07/
(Scroll down the page to view poem)
25th July 2015
Three Drops From a Cauldronlughnasadh 2015 anthologyCanrig BwtISBN 978-1-326-32459-927th July 2015
Three Drops From a CauldronSamhain special e-issueStygian WitchesFollow this link and click on Samhain Special (Part 2) - scroll down17th October 2015
Keep Poems AliveHalloween IssueHorseshoe BatFollow this link30th October 2015
Three Drops From a CauldronThree Drops From a CauldronSelkieFollow this link20th November 2015
Lark SkiesCestrian PublishingGreasepaintISBN  9780 904448 45026th November 2015
Three Drops From a CauldronSamhain special print issueStygian WitchesISBN  9781 326484 23127th November 2015
Troubadour International Poetry CompetitonResults PageMothFollow this link30th November 2015
Keep Poems AliveFirst December IssueLast DanceFollow this link4th December 2015
ZoomorphicZoomorphic Issue 4Stac An ArminISSN TBC11th January 2016
The Beltane 2016 EditionThree Drops PressBird's EggsISBN TBC8th April 2016
See into the DarkPankhearst PressFive Treasures
ISBN TBC13th May 2016
Orbis Issue 175OrbisAngel
ISSN TBCMay 2016
Welsh Poetry Competition - The Second Five YearsPonty PressConchISBN TBCLate 2016
DriftfishZoomorphic Marine AnthologyParrot FishISBN TBC2nd December 2016
The Penny Dreadful - Issue 5The Penny Dreadful (Ireland)Tan-y Graig
Sowerby Bridge
With The Wasps
ISSN TBCLate 2016
Not A DropAnthology of Ocean PoetryDavis SeaISBN TBC18th November 2016

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